VIDIIT. offers nature friendly and responsible garments which highlight the most beautiful pieces from the Estonian nature and culture. Different Estonian animals, birds and plants are decorating each product with their peculiarity and truthfulness.

VIDIIT. sells garments which are manufactured from organic cotton and recycled materials. Our garments match the highest environmental, social and ethical standards and have been manufactured by using green energy (wind and solar). Thanks to organic base materials and the use of green energy, the needed carbon footprint for manufacturing each product is reduced by 90%.  VIDIIT. wants to create responsible and beautiful garments, so it would be possible for You to make stylish and responsible fashion choices. Beautiful illustrations have been added to the garments by using water-based inks. If you follow the instructions for washing the garment, your product will stay beautiful for a long time.

How to wash the garment?

  • Water temperature up to 30°C . Wash turned inside out.
  • Use hand wash program
  • Do not use bleaches or other strong chemicals.
  • Do not use dryer.
  • Using spin-dryer is not recommended.
  • Iron inside out, do not directly iron the printed surface or use the steamer.


  • Garments have the GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard). GOTS is international certification for garments and textiles which covers manufacturing process from the growth of the organic cotton to finalized product. Certification also sets requirements for use of chemicals, cleansing of water and monitoring of manufacturing process and working conditions.
  • Textiles used match the OEKO-TEX Standard 100. It means that the textile and colors used are safe for your health. Meeting the standard also means that sustainable methods need to be used during the manufacturing process.
  • Garments have PETA-Approved Vegan mark,  which emphasizes fair treatment of the animals. No harm has been caused to animals during the manufacturing process.
  • This garment has climate neutral mark. It means that it requires 90% of less carbon to produce it when comparing with the traditional ways. It is achieved by organic agriculture, efficiencies in the manufacturing process and use of green energy. In contrary manufacturing of non organic t-shirt takes approximately 7kg of CO2. For comparison sweatshirts require 28kg CO2.



  • Garment are made from organic cotton.
  • All the workers are paid fair salary and no rights of the workers have been violated.
  • Safe and healthy working conditions for the workers.
  • No poisonous chemicals or pesticides have been used during the manufacturing process.
  • No use of child or forced labour.

With love for You and the nature!